R&D Manufacturing

R & D Team

He has 10 years of battery research and development background, long-term improvement, and unremitting efforts to overcome difficulties in collecting data collection of nearly dry apple battery in the market.

Our company has an excellent marketing team, scientific operation mechanism, perfect internal management procedures and strict rules and regulations. Now has advanced production equipment, superb production technology, strong technical force, perfect quality assurance system and pre-sale service system.


Hexin Talent View:
attitude determines everything; details makes success;
people oriented. Respect knowledge and personality;
Only performance, not only education, qualifications, and past credit;
Provide sufficient resources so that all employees can develop in the direction that suits them best;
Encourage innovation and promote "performance". Improve the system and norms, from being responsible for progress to being responsible for things;
Encourage "thinking things", oppose "thinking people", and never allow any form of "office politics".

Product Advantages




We insist on independent innovation to form core advantages. Carry out scientific research cooperation, absorb the latest achievements of the industry, and enhance our independent innovation capabilities.




We strive to lower costs and allow more people to own products while meeting customer needs.


Environmental protection


As the core of product and technology research and development, energy conservation and environmental protection contribute to the construction of a conservation and environmental protection society.


Classic Apple mobile phone products


We insist on designing classic products that are deeply loved by customers, welcomed by the market and have wide influence.

Quality Control Management

Hexin has perfect quality to ensure "zero defects"
he quality is perfect and the "zero"flaw isensured
The company's full-time quality personnel account for 5% of the total number of people. Through IQC, IPQC, OQC, battery performance characteristics testing, customer complaint services, instrument calibration, quality control methods and other means to achieve quality assurance, quality improvement based on 5W1H and PDCA cycle.


① IQC: battery material feed testing, covering physical, chemical, and electrochemical testing.
②PQC perfect battery process control
③OQC: Adopt ML-STD-105E quality control scheme to automatically detect the quality before shipment
④Test Center: Complete battery routine performance testing, covering capacity, rate discharge, charge retention rate, cycle life and other tests, reliability testing, and application testing.
⑤Re-confirmation of safety test: Perform battery safety performance test according to UL standard, including thermal shock, internal and external short circuit extrusion, vibration, combustion, vibration, overshoot, high ground temperature cycle, high temperature and high humidity.




Superb craftsmanship


Technical perfection